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Feed mills

Chicken feed

Feed mills

Chicken feed

Chicken feed

Feed production has a special role within the meat production chain. Feed accounts for about 70% of the production costs. Furthermore, by knowing the nutritional physiological correlations, we can already positively impact the quality and sensory characteristics of the end product when we are arranging the feed.

The feeding of chicks and chicken parents for the production of hatching eggs requires precise adjustment of the feed to each stage of the chicken’s lifecycle. Our feeds are composed of selected raw materials for optimised nourishment of the embryo in the egg as well as healthy, vital chicks. They also ensure fattening processes with perfect results.


Chick rearing

Our (dual phase) chick rearing feed up to the 6th week creates the conditions for a good start and uniform chicks with a strong skeletal structure and ideal digestive properties.


The pullet rearing feed is used for feeding up to the 20th week. It ensures good body and feather development.

Jonge hennen

Het opfokvoer voor hennen wordt gebruikt voor het voeren tot de 20e week en zorgt voor een goede lichaams- en verenontwikkeling.


Broiler starter feed

The first days in the barn are crucial for the entire development of the broiler. With our starter feed we lay the foundation for a healthy and stable skeleton, appropriate growth and thus maximum vitality.

Broiler fattening feed I + II

Our fattening feed ensures strong meat development and promotes good breast fillet growth throughout the fattening process.

Broiler final fattening feed

The main characteristic of our final fattening feed is a very good feed conversion. The optimum cost-benefit ratio of the feed makes broiler fattening profitable for every farmer.

Rothkötter has considered itself as a partner of modern agriculture since 1959. The Rothkötter compound feed plant specialises in the production of pig and chicken feed for breeding and fattening.